Coralina and Its Uses

Highly recommended for external cladding in areas such as terraces or pools, due to its low heat retention, coralina stone is also a highly aesthetic covering, thanks to its light tones. We offer it in two sizes: 30x60cm and irregular or leftover cut.

Coralina golden:

Perfect for projects that require a certain level of aging and use, Coralina Golden is the ideal solution for those looking to add character and charm to their designs, providing a unique antique look.

Coralina palladium:

Discover the magnificence of Coralina Palladium with its unique thermal and design characteristics. Enjoy the beauty of nature combined with the durability and heat resistance benefits of Coralina. Due to its unique features, Coralina is perfect for making your outdoor area look and feel luxurious.

Coralina Products:

100% natural stone cladding with Coralina is perfect for floors, terraces, and around pools. Not only does it feature a unique cut and design, but the material doesn’t heat up in the sun, ensuring it stays cool all year round.

Coralina Quarry:

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