We are a socially responsible Costa Rican company established in 2017. Our purpose is to provide the elegance and delicacy of our various natural and engineered materials to every home or business. We seamlessly blend comfort, design, beauty, and the nobility of stone, reflecting an environment in line with the most cutting-edge architectural trends in every space.  We offer imported products of the highest quality at a fair price.


We Import Our Products

Imagine is the only importer in the Southern Zone, establishing the company as the Number 1 choice. We import our products from various parts of the world, offering a broad range of unique and exotic stones that allows the customer to choose the one that best meets their expectations.

We have a significant capacity to meet demands across Costa Rica, fulfilling the needs of our clients.


Consists of two companies:

Imagine Stones

We offer a variety of natural and engineered stones imported from different parts of the world that we provide to other manufacturers. At the same time, we design, manufacture, install, and remodel any type of surface, whether indoors or outdoors.

Imagine Construction

Imagine plays a pivotal role in construction, handling a wide range of projects from renovations to new constructions. Imagine's priority is to align our client's needs with Imagine's skills and design in order to achieve an authentic, modern style.

We Grow Year after Year.

IMAGINE consistently grows year after year, built upon three pillars:


High-quality products; a committed team that visits stone quarries and ensures each container enters the country in perfect condition, providing customers with flawless, authentic materials.


Fully focused on benefiting our clients; efficiency is our primary foundation. We ensure our client’s project is high-quality and completed on time for their satisfaction.


We are absolutely responsible for each of our projects, adhering to agreed-upon quality standards: delivery dates, high-quality products and finishes, and meeting your requirements.