Perez Zeledon is an indispensable site for the economic and social development of the Brunca Region of Costa Rica.

The generaleño canton is possibly the center of greatest commercial and business activity in the Southern Zone because many people from Buenos Aires, Coto Brus, Corredores and Osa come to Perez Zeledon to make some of their annual purchases such as inputs for their agricultural crops, purchase of appliances or home furnishings, and construction materials, among others.

Also, for the Catholic Church, Perez Zeledon is the scene of many of its most important ecclesiastical events since the Diocese of San Isidro de El General is located here.

In “Perez”, as neighbors and visitors call it, there are also great tourist attractions because it is located between recognized mountains, at the foothills of Chirripo and Cerro de la Muerte; with hot springs; for hiking and camping in the moonlight; and only 45 minutes from the beautiful Playa Dominical.

Precisely, if you live in Perez Zeledon or its surroundings, we offer architectural solutions in marble and granite for your residence or company, according to the latest trends and with the highest quality.

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