Coralina is a marine limestone characterized by its beauty, strength, and durability. This stone forms over millions of years from marine sediments and organism skeletons.

In the construction sector, coralina has gained recognition for its non-slip properties and resistance to wear, making it ideal for outdoor applications.

One of its prominent uses is in cladding for outdoor areas, especially in terraces and around swimming pools, as it is a material that always maintains its normal temperature and, most importantly, does not heat up. This is advantageous as it prevents burning feet when walking barefoot in spaces near the pool.

In addition to its functionality, coralina adds a natural aesthetic touch, often associated with elegance and exclusivity, enhancing the appearance of any space it is integrated into.

Finally, due to its resistance to salt and corrosive effects of water, coralina is particularly valued in constructions near coastal areas such as Uvita, Manuel Antonio, Dominical, and Ojochal in Costa Rica.