Quartz is one of the materials we offer to our clients for their furniture, bathrooms, and kitchen countertops. Today, we’d like to talk about 5 indisputable advantages of quartz for your home.

Advantages of Quartz in Furniture and Decorative Elements

  1. High Resistance and Durability: Quartz furniture is scratch and impact-resistant, making them highly durable and excellent for everyday use. This makes them very long-lasting and ideal for our homes.
  2. Cleaning and Hygiene: Quartz furniture does not absorb odors and flavors. This is especially useful in kitchens where different dishes are prepared every day.
  3. Non-Porosity: Quartz countertops and furniture are non-porous, preventing the proliferation of bacteria in the kitchen: a plus for the well-being of your family!
  4. Stain-Resistant: Spilling wine or oil, pouring chocolate or baby food—this type of material doesn’t stain, so it will look like new for a long time.
  5. Easy to Clean: One of the major benefits of quartz is that only water and soap are required for cleaning it. As mentioned earlier, being non-porous prevents food and grease residues from accumulating or adhering to it. Additionally, quartz is resistant to chemicals; it will not be affected by detergents and other cleaning products.

Quartz as an Element to Attract Positive Energies:

In addition to these functional and practical advantages of quartz in furniture and countertops, many cultures believe that quartz has the property of balancing environments due to its receptive conditions.

It is proven that quartz clears spaces of low vibrations emitted by wifi and electronic devices’ magnetic fields.

Moreover, for those who believe in energies, quartz has the ability to help harmonize our emotional burden (sadness, stress, or fatigue). Hence, it is widely used in jewelry and other items.

If you are considering embracing architectural trends by adding a valuable aesthetic element to your home, contact us to design the quartz furniture of your dreams.